About SUVC

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The Southern Utah Varsity Club is a group of former athletes passionately committed to bringing focus to the youth in our sports community. Our message will hopefully inspire you to embrace this opportunity to help support those who are following in our footsteps. We want you to show your tenderness of heart, and your boldness of character as a Varsity Club member. Let's help encourage those who have accepted this great journey into sports. 

The Southern Utah Varsity Club is built around the idea of the young athlete in all of us from all walks of life. For some of us this hits home, because we see ourselves in their struggles and in their excellence. Literally speaking. We are all intertwined, our lives through sports become one. This is what the Southern Utah Varsity Club encompasses. Whether you got to experience being the star or you were a teammate or both. We all have a common ground. We are each a part of this sports community, this brotherhood, this sisterhood, this club. We are the pillars of this place. We each have something that we can contribute for the betterment of our sports community.

A few things to look forward to as a club member are: a monthly luncheon which includes great company, good food, a guest speaker and monthly awardees for both male and female athletes of the month at the high school and college levels. VIP seating at our All-Star games. You will receive two tickets to our Coaches Gala. An annual club dinner. Participation in one community service project a year, a golf tournament and to also be a part of our Varsity Sports Travel Packages. The Varsity Sports Travel Packages will take members on a 2–3-day trip to experience an NBA, an NFL and MLB games.  This is a wonderful opportunity. Come join the Southern Utah Varsity Club and share these experiences with us.

Kind Regards,

Darry “Gator” Alton